Who’s Dylan Hey?

Good question – I’m a 22 year old social media enthusiast who has managed to leverage social selling to accelerate my career. I love helping startups, CEOs and business owners generate massive returns on social.

I’ve been working in the industry for 5 years now and would like to think I’m a classic example of someone who, despite not opting in for a degree, has managed to build an impressive CV so far working with companies such as;

– Hootsuite
– Leedfeeder


A Little History Of Me


hours of Social 
Selling Experience


cups of coffee

5 years


3 different


I opted out of the decision to go to Uni and actually left school early (cue the shocked faces).

I then started working my way up in the world of sales and recruitment consulting – hold tight though, that’s as boring as it gets…

That experience allowed me to grow into where I am today and also helped me land a job within the Hootsuite sales team. This was where I really learned to hone my social selling skills.

(If you’re living under a stone Hootsuite is the worlds most used and trusted social media management platform…so kind of awesome to have on my CV!)

That experience gave me the chance to join up with Leadfeeder, a sales intelligence startup from Finland. I now head up business development in the UK for this amazing team.

So What’s This Website Even For?

Obviously to conquer the world and become the wealthiest social seller in history surpassing all you mere mortals into what can only be described as a digital nomad God like being.

Okay not quite, it’s more so to offer a place for me to share my knowledge, debunk any myths (there are quite a lot and I hate seeing people being ripped off) and a chance for me to expand my own personal brand.

Which is why I have two main offerings as well if you like what you can see/read;

Power Hour

Discover how to set up your social profile 
for maximum effect

Learn the best social strategy for increasing 
sales and getting your company in front of 
more people (and the right people)

Find out why social selling needs to be part 
of your business strategy & a tailored strategy 
for your needs

Speaking Opportunities

After gaining 5 years of experience in the social selling world I have been asked to speak numerous times at various events.

So I have opened up my availability to appearing at a limited number of events each year.