Facebook Gets Into Streaming, LinkedIn Rolls Your Commute, and Other Social Media News

June 12, 2018

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Don’t get me wrong, interviews are amazing, and I know we all learn a lot from my wonderful hosts, but I like to keep it different every week.

This week, I’ll be Dylan the newscaster again, and I’ll bring you this week’s hottest news within the social media world like I’ve been doing a few times.  

Fasten your seatbelts, everybody; this is going to be one hell of a ride.

What’s This Episode All About

  • What’s New With Me?
  • Facebook Gets Into Streaming
  • Facebook Ads Will Be Part Of Marketplace
  • Instagram Might Implement 1-Hour Long Videos
  • LinkedIn Rolls “Your Commute”

What’s New With Me?

The last 7 days have been amazing. I was in Antwerp, Belgium for three days and it was AWESOME. I was there for The Growth Conference, a dope conference with amazing guests and a lot of great value.

The thing is that, typically, most of these events happen in the US and having one in Europe was super exciting. The event had some of the most important personalities in the marketing and social media space, and it opened my eyes to lots of stuff.

The best thing about this event wasn’t only the conference, though.

To me, the best was being able to meet with some of the internet friends I’ve connected with over Facebook and LinkedIn.

Besides from meeting all these amazing people, my key takeaway was this one:

Taking online relationships offline is super powerful, and I want to try and do more of that in the future.

By the time you listen to this, I’ll be on a plane flying to Orlando, where I’ll be for about a week (I’m going to Disney). Then, I’ll be in L.A. for two weeks, and then I’m going to Canada for about a month.

If you’re around, hit me up!

But let’s stop talking about me and get cooking.

Facebook Gets Into Streaming

Facebook recently launched a video game streaming service called Facebook.gg, and If you’re into video games, you’ll recognize that GG stands for “good game,” which is a phrase you say after you’ve whooped someone’s ass.

The service works like Twitch, another popular streaming platform for gamers where they can build their audiences and even earn money. (I’m not a huge gamer myself, but I do enjoy watching streaming)

It seems Facebook is trying to compete here, too.

Facebook.gg suggests you stream for you to follow based on whom you follow and what you like. According to what I’ve seen, it seems that the platform is pretty similar to Twitch and it offers pretty much the same service.

And yes, you might be thinking that Facebook is huge, but, in my opinion, it might be a little too late to compete here because Twitch is crushing it.


Facebook Introduces Lip-sync Features to Its Live Videos

It seems Facebook is trying to compete with Musical.ly. If you don’t know what Musical.ly is, check it out, a lot of teenagers and kids are using it.

It’s pretty simple to use. People record funny videos of themselves and then lip-sync along songs.

Facebook, is trying to introduce a lip-sync feature too, but only to their live videos.

If you try to record a live video on Facebook, you’ll see it’s got a new lip-sync feature where you can search famous songs and sings.

In this case, this niche is still growing so we’ll see how it works out in a few months.

Facebook Ads Will Be Part Of Marketplace

I’ve been running a Facebook Ads campaign for over the last month for a client of mine who’s running the Sales Confidence conference SaaS event on London on June 21.

The new story here is that, pretty soon, you’ll be able to advertise straight to Facebook Marketplace, that place on Facebook where you buy things from people near you.

The sad part is that it’s only available in the US. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand –not in the UK or anywhere else.

You can create ads that go directly to Facebook Marketplace, which is great news for small businesses and people who are selling things.

Let’s see how this product develops!


Instagram Might Implement 1-Hour Long Videos

There’s as a rumor around Instagram that says that soon you’ll be able to upload videos up to 1-hour long.

If you’ve tried to upload a long video to Instagram before, you probably noticed it takes a long time to upload, and if that’s going to happen, Instagram might need to improve their upload speeds to make it possible or this whole idea might be a huge mistake.

LinkedIn Rolls “Your Commute”

You probably know that I love LinkedIn and that the platform has completely changed the way I do things. Well,  Your Commute is a new functionality that allows you to see which jobs are available around you and how long would it take you to get there.

For instance, if I'm into sales and marketing and I want a job that’s a 35-minute commute from my place, I can find it.                                                       

How fucking cool is that?


These are the top 5 social media news stories, everybody. A short and snappy episode with the facts.

Over the last week, many of you have reached me and gave me tons of feedback, and I really appreciate it.

In fact, some of these amazing people who reached me will be featured on the show, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Thank you for reaching out!

Remember, you can always reach me; I’m pretty cool in person, too, so if you’re in any of the places I mentioned, let me know, and we’ll totally meet.

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Key Takeaways 

  • Connect with me if you're in Orlando, Los Angeles, or Toronto
  • Facebook is getting huge and expanding to many different places
  • LinkedIn 1-hour videos could be the new Youtube
  • Facebook will start their streaming service


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