How To Social Sell on Facebook

October 25, 2017

Facebook is seen as a bit of a grey area when it comes to social selling and I often have the discussion with salespeople as to whether or not they should be doing social selling on Facebook.

We are used to Facebook being a really personal network where we share things with our closest friends and family so this often puts sales reps off using the platform for business.

I can tell you one thing, though, the best sales reps in the world are using Facebook to build out their personal brands and to build closer relationships with their buyers than ever before.

Today, I’m going to give you 3 tips on how to social sell on Facebook to generate more leads and opportunities. 

How To Social Sell on Facebook

1 - Engage In Groups

Facebook is putting a lot of focus into their groups this year and even changed their mission statement recently to reflect this.

If you’ve never used Facebook before for anything other than sharing photos of your best friend's birthday night out, then groups are a great place to start growing and building your own personal brand whilst also connecting with the right people.

So are business conversations really happening on Facebook? Yes, they are, and on a pretty large scale too.

My recommendation is to find some groups where people in your industry are likely to hang out, regularly engage in these groups and start building relationships with the people there

Remember though, this is a personal brand building exercise, don’t try to social sell on Facebook to quickly.

This kind of work isn’t likely to generate you immediate sales but will definitely pay off in the long run.

2 - Create a public figure page and start advertising

One of the best things about Facebook is its advertising. It’s incredible how narrow you can get with the targeting options.

However, you can’t advertise from your personal Facebook account. My recommendation here is to create a public figure page for yourself. Think of this like your own personal landing page on Facebook.

Below you can see an example of the kind of posts that I’m posting from my public figure page:

On your public figure page, you want to share all of your best content. It’s a really good idea to produce helpful content for your target buyer personas and publish it natively on your public figure page. Think about short tips and tricks videos, helpful infographics, etc.

Then, you can use Facebook advertising to get these posts in front of anyone you like. You can start to target by location, interests, previous people that have engaged with your content etc.

Where this becomes really interesting though is when you start to get very granular with your searches and target by job titles at specific companies or specific locations for example.

The common misconception with Facebook advertising is that it’s expensive, but I can guarantee you that you’ll get results from spending as little as $1 per day. Check out this video from Dennis Yu where he explains this in depth.

3 - Build Your Own Facebook Group

Now, this tip really is for those of you who are in this for the long game and are willing to put in a lot of effort to social sell on Facebook, but boy oh boy it’s worth it.

We’ve already talked about how much you can learn from Facebook groups and how they are full of engagement, but why don’t we look at this from another perspective.

What if you could build a community full of engaged professionals who are working within your target industries? What if you could have direct access to these people through Facebook and they became fans of yours because you were providing them with so much value?

Well, you can. Why don’t you create your own Facebook group?

I actually created my own group just before writing this post and within 8 days we’re already 376 members strong. It’s a group to help business owners and salespeople sell more with social media. If you’re interested in joining you can access it here.

Building your own tribe will give you access to more people than ever before. It will help you build your influence and ultimately make it way easier for you to sell.

Like I said, this needs a big commitment of time and is only for those serious social sellers out there.

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