How To Use Podcasts As A Prospecting Tool With James Carbary

August 14, 2018

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Sorry about last week, it’s been hard to keep it consistent when you’re traveling.

how to use podcasts as a prospecting tool

But I’m now in Estonia and plan to be here for a while, so I guarantee you’ll be hearing more from me now.

If you didn’t listen to my last episode, do it. I had another great interview with Tim Hyde, and we talked about viral campaigns, viral videos, and video marketing. If you’re into that, you need to listen to episode 20

Today, I bring you another interview.

Yes, I’m on a roll.

Today, I interview James Carbary, the King of B2B podcasting and the founder of a company called Sweet Fish Media a company that produces podcast content for B2B brands and hosts a podcast called the B2B Growth Show. I used to listen to him every single day on my commute into work when I worked at Hootsuite.

You probably don’t know this, but James’ show inspired me to start my own podcast. I finally met James when I was in Orlando, Florida last month and we had a blast.

James carbary podcasts prospecting

Today, we’ll talk about podcasting, and he will share some tips and tricks on how to grow your podcast show.

Thank you for joining us today, everybody. You’re great.

Let’s get started, everybody.

What’s Today’s Show All About

  • Who’s James Carbary
  • Why Podcasts Are A Great Prospecting Tool
  • How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients
  • James’ Book Recommendation

Who’s James Carbary

He started his company, Sweet Fish, about three and a half years ago and they were originally a blog writing shop for small and medium businesses.

That’s when it hit him. James realized he needed to niche down further to gain traction; that got him to think about podcasting.

“Podcasts are not just a great mechanism for content and putting out quality content, but they were also, more importantly, exceptional in terms of building relationships with the right types of people.”

He created a podcast called Inspiring Awesome, and it even turned into him getting clients with it. Then, when he founded Sweet Fish, he realized that he could use the podcast to attract potential clients by asking them to be guests on his show.

However, instead of making it a sales call, he’d make it about content. About the industry and their expertise. At that point, he realized that could be a great way to grow a business and started producing podcasts for B2B brands and, simultaneously, started his podcast The B2B Growth Show. 

It worked like a charm, and his guests started to become clients and referring them to other clients. Now, after a year, they’re growing like crazy.

And, to be honest with you, I would never have thought before speaking to James that I could use the podcast as a kind of prospecting tool.

But, podcasts are super intelligent was to lead the conversation, because it sets you apart from all the other people who want to talk to your prospects.

Why Podcasts Are A Great Prospecting Tool

Let's start by saying that if you start your interaction with people by letting them know you’re really impressed with what they're doing, you increase your chances of being heard. If you also have an audience and you can expose your prospect to these people and tell his story, even better.

In my case, even today, if someone sent me a message and asked me to be a guest on their podcast or on their like Facebook Live show, I’d say yes to that.

So, If you have a show of any kind and you want me to go there, you can always ask me.

In fact, with my guests, our conversation on the podcast, more often than not, won’t be about the product or a service that they're trying to sell to me or I'm trying to sell to them. No, it’s going to be about something that we're both really interested in and something where we can share stories and during that time.

And that can help you build up a good kind of relationship with that person 10x faster than if you were to just reach out to them with a standard like cold message trying to sell something to them.

To use your podcast as a prospecting tool, you need to brand the show around the expertise of the people that you’re trying to connect with.

James, for instance, positioned his show around B2B growth because that’s his client’s area of expertise. His potential clients are all decision-makers and know something about growing a business.

Besides, making it about them enables you to build an audience faster than you would otherwise. Also, every episode signifies a new relationship with someone you might do business with.

It helps you add value to your relationship. Like James says:

“You have to figure out how to add value independently of what it is that you sell because if you can’t add value independently of what you sell, nobody is going to give you the time of day.”

In this case with podcasts, the value you’re adding is the exposure. Now, you are the media; you have the leverage because you can add value by exposing this person to your community. By doing so, you will build a relationship that can ultimately give you money.

And let me tell you a secret.

You can do this with other things. You can use Facebook Groups, LinkedIn videos, IG TV videos, or any other way. This way of making connections is more a mindset than a tool.

Because if you can go into a conversation with them leading with value; by giving them something tangible that they’re going to see some benefit from as the initial part of your outreach, you increase your chances of selling.

How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients

In the end, you want to connect with your potential clients. By collaborating with them and creating content with them, you will build a genuine relationship, and that where the magic happens.

And that's because you’re not pitching; you’re adding value.

In James’ case, he connects with his clients by inviting them to his show and giving them exposure to his audience. 

This is called Content-Based Networking, and it’s essentially that, connecting and creating relationships with people through content.

In fact, if you have some sort of content that requires you to collaborate with your clients to create that content, it forces you to reach out to people with something that is independent of what you sell which lowers people's barriers.

To make this happen, you have to build your own community and integrate your prospects into it, and that’s when a podcast could help you achieve that goal.

However, keep in mind that this strategy means you’ll be playing the long game.

In James’ case, this has taken him almost three years, and it wasn’t until the 150th interview that their first guest became a client. But now, last month, for instance, he made in a single month what he had made last year combined.

James’ Book Recommendation

The book that has inspired him over the last few weeks is a book by Christopher Lockhead called Niche Down that talks about the needs business owners and entrepreneurs of finding a deeper niche to build a more focused business.

Last Words And Key Takeaways

  • Always offer value in all of your interactions
  • The more you niche down your services the better because you'll find better prospects
  • Create a podcast that's based on your prospect's expertise and not yours
  • Every episode signifies a relationship with a new person. Keep nurturing them

That's it for today, everybody. I hope you've enjoyed today's show and don't forget to subscribe

See you next week.

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