How I Got 197,283 Impressions Using Instagram Story Ads

September 11, 2018

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Today, it’s just you and me.

I will tell you all about Instagram story ads and how to use them to grow your audiences. I’ve been running a few tests over the last weeks, and they’re incredible, especially if you compare them to other kinds of ads in other platforms.

Are you ready to start?

Let’s go!

What's Today's Show All About

  • Why I’m Using Instagram Ads
  • How Do Instagram Story Ads Work?
  • The Mindblowing Results Of My First Instagram Story Ads Campain

Why I’m Using Instagram Story Ads

As you know, I don’t have product or a service to offer other than my personal brand, but I want, at some point, to offer a course, a program, or even some consulting, so even though my main goal is not selling, I want to grow my audience so I can retarget them in the future.

But don’t worry, everybody, I won’t start pumping crappy content at you.

If you want to know the whole process, go to my Facebook group, Sell More With Social Media and take a look. Or, just click on my face and let my voice get you there.

instagram story ads

If you can’t watch the videos right now, let me explain to you.

How Do Instagram Story Ads Work?

I’m sure you use Instagram already, but if you don’t, stories are those short videos that play when you click on someone’s picture. These stories last for a maximum of 15 seconds, and once you’ve watched a few of them, there’s space for an ad so that you might be watching your mom’s story, and then, seamlessly, a sponsored post appears.

The key to keep people’s attention and prevent them from swiping is not to make them too salesy, but if you pair them with the right visuals, you can get pretty good results.

To test the power of the Instagram story ads, I tested two different videos:

The first, was just me in front of the camera asking the audience “Do you want to see what’s really like to run a business?” Then, I introduced myself briefly and asked them to follow me so they could see my content.

This first story was super one-to-one and personal, to the point where people could even think it was just another, non-sponsored story.

The second, I think, looks more like a sponsored post. I asked my video editor to create a 15-second high energy video with clips of me speaking at events and stuff like that; I also added engaging text talking about my success. You know, like a regular internet marketer kind of thing.

I targeted a few countries. I targeted the UK, The US, Canada, and Estonia, which are countries where I’ve been pretty active and where most of my audience is; I also targeted people with interests in things like social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, and business.

As you can see, I cast a pretty wide net, but it did pay off.

The Mindblowing Results Of My First Instagram Story Ads Campain

Let me start by saying that I didn’t expect what happened with these two Instagram ads.

And the results blew my mind.

197,283 different people saw my ad.

Do you want to know how much these two ads cost?


For $85 I got almost 200,000 impressions.

Of course, not every single person actually swiped up, but I now have a broad audience to retarget.

So, how many people swiped up?

1053 people. For $85, I managed to drive a thousand of people to my profile, and for me, it’s kind of crazy. If I change this into a PPC scheme, I paid 8 cents for each click.

Where can you get that kind of results?

Oh, and, as I expected, the video where I spoke straight to the camera performed better than the one with the cinematic-style highlights, so you will probably see more of that.

My advice is, go away and test some Instagram story ads. Whether you want to grow your audience, grow your authority, or sell more of your product, I think this is still a very, very underpriced way to do that.

Once you’ve tried your first ads, come and tell me everything about it, I want to hear your thoughts.

 Key Takeaways

  • You don’t need to sell a product or a service to use Instagram Story Ads
  • Make your ads cool, attractive, and don’t be salesy
  • They’re super cheap right now, so it’s a good time to try them

Once again, thank you for being here. Remember, the show airs every Tuesday, so don't forget to subscribe.

See you next time!

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