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April 10, 2018

Last week, I had an amazing interview with Eduardo Morales, or Edmo, as he wants his friends to call him. Edmo told us a lot about social media marketing and Instagram influencers; so, if you’re into social media yourself, check it out before the others do and steal Edmo’s secret sauce.

This week will be different.

I’ll shake things around a little bit this week and test a new format.

Instead of an interview, I’ll share with you some of the top stories of what’s going on social media, but don’t worry, I will still be providing you with lots of value.

Essentially, this week I’ll become a newscaster and your trusted news anchor. I’ll share with you this week’s top three news on social media and add the Dylan spin to them.

So, I hope you enjoy it and if you have something to add, remember the comments.

What’s This Episode All About

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal

If you haven’t heard about this, you’ve been hiding under a rock over the last week, so let me help you out.  

Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting agency that harvest data. This is not bad per se;  the thing is that a lot of Facebook’s data has been improperly shared with this company.

And this could’ve had effects on the US recent elections. Kind of scary, isn’t it?

Facebook shared really personal information of over 87 million people with Cambridge Analytica and a lot of people are super mad about this.

While I agree with people being mad, I have a different opinion here.

Let’s face it, we all know that Facebook owns our data. In my case, I grew up with that knowledge and I understand that social media platforms store pretty much all your data and they will share it with other parties. I even use other people’s data in my work, so I’m quite comfortable with the idea of my data being out there for the grabs.

Now that we’re here, let me share a few tips on what Facebook can do with your data.

Truths and Misconceptions About Social Media and Your Data

Thanks to this incident, I’ve been reading a lot about what’s true and what’s not true about Facebook and your data and I’ll share those insights with you.

I didn’t know half of this stuff until recently and it’s opened my eyes

  • Facebook Tracks Calls and SMS on Android Phones

If you scan your Facebook you can actually download all your data; I’ll teach you how if you’re interested. The thing is that Facebook has been logging all those phone calls and messages and sent to places that are totally independent of Facebook. They might not read your texts or listen to your calls but they know whom you call or text and for how long.

Facebook won’t even try to hide it and offer it as part of an opt-in service that helps you stay connected with the people you care about.

It’s all in the terms and conditions we never read guys.

  • Facebook Keeps Video Content You Record Even if You Don’t Post It

If you use Facebook’s app camera, you’re screwed. Whatever you record, even if you delete it from your phone is stored on Facebook. The app keeps your unsent, unpublished videos and claims it’s all because of a bug in their system but who knows what's actually true?

  • Facebook Reads your Private Messages

They say they don’t read all your texts (phew), but they do read those flagged by the system. They say they do this to combat the apps misuse.

I’m sure they’re reading way more than that.

Often I’ve been talking with a friend about something, and I get hit by an ad about the exact thing we were talking about; you’ve probably had the same issue.

I don’t mind too much about this but it’s really interesting to know what they do.

What about you, are you comfortable with Facebook using your data?

Google Purchased Tenor

Let’s change our subject and go for less creepy news this time. Do you know Tenor? (the GIF search platform you use on Facebook that’s not GIPHY.)

Well, this week Google bought Tenor which in my opinion totally makes sense because over the last few years the company has been using their searches as a metric for engagement as if they were trying to attract Google’s attention, and they did.  

They will continue operating as a separate brand and won’t disappear so don’t worry.

This new acquisition will probably improve Google’s image search, and they might even implement GiF search into it (that would be awesome.)

Ten years ago, this would have been impossible and in a few years, we will see the impact of this (probably multimillion dollar) deal.

Casey Neistat Announces His New Project

For those who might not know who Casey is he’s a blogger, vlogger, and YouTube star who changed the game and the way YouTube vlogs worked.

Casey’s videos are great and for a person like me who doesn’t watch television and uses YouTube for almost everything Casey has been a source of inspiration.

Last year, CNN acquired Casey’s company Beme for $25 million and even though the deal went through, something is going on behind the scenes as CNN parted ways with the YouTuber, with some of the employees staying with CNN and others with Casey.

Thanks to this controversy, Casey has been taking a break from YouTube and didn’t post in around 22 days which is like a year in YouTube time.

Now he’s back and announced his new project, 368, which is a center/factory/studio for creatives and entrepreneurs in New York.

Casey aimed at helping the community and created a collaborative space where people could create. Here’s a video you can watch if you want to see the new HQ which is, in my opinion, one of the coolest office spaces ever.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it rolls.

That’s it, guys; these are my top 3 stories of what’s going on social media this week, which even though is a slightly different format from the last six episodes still holds value, especially now that we know what Facebook does with our data.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook can track your data almost everywhere and at any time.
  • It might be a good idea not to be too overzealous of your data because companies will use it anyway. 
  • Google and Tenor's new partnership could change the way we search for images within the search engine
  • Check Casey's Neistat's new project, it's pretty cool 

Next Tuesday, I’ll be back with another interview, so don’t miss it.

If you have something to say, feedback, or comment about whatever, go to iTunes or post it here.

See you next week!

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