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How to Build a Startup with the Founders of Quuu

Today I’m talking to Dan and Matt, the co-founders of Quuu, a content suggestions and promotion platform. I got the chance to meet these guys when we connected over some Facebook groups we’re all part of and over the last few months we’ve become good friends. Today, they talk with us about how they built their company Quuu, and they share some tips on how to begin your startup. 

So, thank you all for joining me today on the Social Media Growth Show.

What’s Today’s Episode All About

  1. Who Are Dan and Matt?
  2. What’s So Cool about Quuu?
  3. Quuu Today
  4. 4 Keys on How to Start a Business and Build Your Product

Who Are Dan And Matt?

Long story short, Matt is the CEO and Dan is the COO but like in many startups roles tend to blur and the lines between what they do are not set in stone, making them flexible and open to change.

Matt is a languages graduate and set up a niche agency as soon as he left university, doing public relations for poker professionals, which he sold a year and a half later.

Not so long after that, he met Dan and they started to work together on other projects until their first big idea, a platform called Resell My Service came into life, but after pitching it to some investors the idea got turned down.

They got back to the drawing board and tried to secure some money for their startup from Southwest Investment Group and won a startup award a few months later, which gave them press visibility and a bit of financial security. Two of the ingredients that later brewed Quuu, another of Dan’s brainchildren.  

Five years later, Quuu was born.

What’s so cool about Quuu?

Quuu is a hand-curated, content suggestion social media platform. Everything that goes in is checked to make sure it fits their client’s guidelines.

Another great feature of Quuu is their openness. Most companies wouldn’t disclose their numbers to the public in the way Quuu founders do, but they believe it’s better being transparent with their stakeholders and their team. The same principle applies to the problems the platform might manifest. In Dan’s words,

“If you’ve got an issue, that’s actually normal for a startup. If you identify a problem, that’s a good thing; it means that you can work on it together and improve. When you find an issue, and there’s no answer, that’s a problem.”

This means that they report their issues rather than hiding them, which helps them grow and get real, actionable feedback from their clients and their team.

Quuu Today

According to Matt, today Quuu’s Monthly Recurring Revenue is around $30,000 which means they’re steadily growing and even making a profitable revenue, which in the startup world can be hard to attain particularly because many of them end up losing money. In terms of users, Quuu has around 23,000 monthly active users and 800 paying subscribers.

4 Keys on How to Start a Business and Build Your Product

Let’s think. You’ve got this amazing idea that you think is going to change the world, but how do you make it work, especially when you don’t have the technical skills to make it happen?

Network, Network, and Network

At first, according to Matt, you need a network of people you can ask for help. In his words:

“Having a network of developers and makers at hand is really useful when you’re coming up with these ideas.”

Another good idea when it comes to building a startup is connecting with the community your product will serve. If you have an idea you think will serve well, start talking to people and see what happens. Besides, having people around you who can help will save you not only money but also guarantee quality results.

Get Advice and Feedback

In fact, many things can be learned from a single piece of feedback. By talking to people, but you can learn whether or not there’s a market for your idea. It doesn’t really matter if these people are around the corner or on the other side of the world, reach out to them.

Also, other people’s advice lets you know whether or not your concept and your unique selling proposition are aligned with what you want to do so you don’t neglect it and lose focus.

There are great sites that Dan and Matt mentioned for finding that feedback and advice. One of them is Product Hunt, and the other is Beta List. Make sure you check both out; there are thousands of entrepreneurs out there who might be willing to help you.

Never Forget Communication

Most of the startups nowadays make use of remote collaborators; that’s why thorough communication is absolutely essential when you’re building a startup or any business. Make sure your team shares your vision and understand the product you’re all building. There are many ways for you to keep communication channels open. Slack for instance, is a great tool. Try it and tell us how it works for you.

Similarly, Quuu’s team tries to keep communication and good vibes flowing. 

Like Matt says, 

“In terms of productivity, I genuinely believe we’re more productive as a remote working team. And we probably have more conversations with one another by Slack or Skype because of that; we are more fluid and able to do more.”

And what he says is true. In regular offices, we barely talk to other people but when you are a remote worker the barriers are just not there and communication becomes easier.

Keep Your Balance

Another interesting and crucial part of Quuu’s co-founders is their interest in personal development. While their work is entirely remote and they could be in their houses all day long catering to their business’ needs, they recognize the importance of balance. This means going out, leaving the house, and meeting people.

This also makes you more productive and able to achieve more. 

Key Points of Today’s Episode

  • Don’t be shy about getting your ideas out there and in front of others
  • Listen to other people’s reactions and feedback
  • Build a network of professionals you can call when you’re building your startup
  • Test and measure everything you can; you’ll learn a lot about your business
  • Keep your communication channels open and talk to your team
  • Don’t make it all work, go out and act human from time to time

If you want to know more about Quuu, What they do, and how they do it, you can go to their website or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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Thank you all for being here. You’re great.

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