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This Week On Social Media: Facebook Ad Transparency Tool & Instagram TV

Welcome to another episode of The Social Media Growth Show. I’m super grateful that you’ve decided to join us today.

For all the new listeners here, thank you for coming. You’ve made one of the best decisions in your life; I guarantee it *wink wink*.

In this show, you will learn the latest tips and tricks to hack your way to social media marketing success.

The last episode, we talked with Jonathan Grzybowski, the Co-Founder of Penji, a graphic design platform that helps startups, agencies, and people all over the world with their design needs at a fixed monthly cost.

The best part about Penji?

They got their first 200 clients in only six months and all thanks to social media.

Amazing, huh?

Click below and get Jonathan’s tricks straight to your ears.

How Penji Got 200 Customer In Less Than 6 Months Using Social Media

Now, let’s get going.

This week is going to be just me and you.


Today, I’ll be Newscaster Dylan, bringing you the spiciest stories within the social media space, like two episodes ago when we talked about how Facebook is getting into the streaming business.

Surprise, surprise. This will be an episode about Facebook, too.


Because, this week, Facebook launched its ad transparency tool.

So, get yourselves comfortable. I hope you enjoy this episode!

What’s This Episode All About

  • What’s New With Me
  • How Does The Facebook Ad Transparency Tool Work
  • Why Is The Facebook Ad Transparency Tool Useful?
  • Instagram Launches Instagram TV
  • Liston’s Sell With Confidence Giveaway

What’s New With Me

I’ve been traveling a lot over the past two months. I’ve gone to Orlando (Yes, I went to the Magic Kingdom), to Los Angeles (I had a cryotherapy session)


 And I’m now in Canada, and I plan to be here for three weeks until I go to… I’m sorry, that’s a secret. But you’ll find out eventually if you keep listening to the show.


If you want to see more awesome pics, follow me on Instagram.

What’s The Facebook Ad Transparency Tool

After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Facebook has tried to tighten their data security and increase their transparency, and this tool is their first move to achieve that.

Take a look at this quick video and find out what’s the Facebook ad transparency tool all about.

How Does The Facebook Ad Transparency Tool Work

With the transparency tool, you can now see which ads these pages are running.

For instance, let’s say, Tai Lopez. I’m sure Tai’s ads have hit many of you at some point because Tai has a HUGE personal brand.

Now, let’s say I’m curious and I want to see which ads Tai is running.

I go to Tai’s Facebook page and then, in the cover header, you go the left-hand corner, and you’ll see an option called “Info and Ads.”

When you click there, you will see a screen that shows you every ad in every country where Tai –or any person you might be seeing.

While you can’t see whom they’re targeting, you can see which ads this person might be running.

Take a look 

Why Is The Facebook Ad Transparency Tool Useful For Your Business?

For a marketer like me, the Facebook Ad Transparency Tool is amazing because it lets me know what my competitors are doing and how they’re doing it.

  • Competitor Analysis

Or let’s say that you’re running a Rick & Morty store and you want to see what your competition is doing.

You can find all the stores near you, find their Facebook pages, and see what they’re doing. That way, you can see what they’re doing, and you can tweak your ads to match and beat your competition.

You know what the coolest thing about the ad transparency tool is?

It’s completely free and takes, like 2 seconds.

  • Learning How To Use Facebook Ads

Also, if you’re learning how to use Facebook ads, this is especially important because you can now see what others are doing and you can quickly pick insights about what the people in your niche do.

You will see which pages are running successful ads and which are not so cool, which will give you an edge when it comes to prospecting and looking for clients.

Instagram Launches Instagram TV

I talked about this on a previous episode, but in case you didn’t know, Instagram launched a new functionality called Instagram TV, which lets you post videos longer than 1 minute and shorter than 1 hour.

In my opinion, this is Instagram’s attempt to compete with YouTube and, in a way, it’s also one of the signals that TV as we know it is coming to an end.


I haven’t used it and haven’t watched any, to be honest with you, so I want to hear what you have to say about it.

Also, if you think I should start using it, please go ahead, message me on Instagram or send me an email and let me know what you think.

What kind of videos do you like?

Liston’s Sell With Confidence Giveaway

Liston Witherill, a good friend of mine and one of the first guests of this podcast has launched his own podcast, The Liston.io Show.

Do you want to know what else Liston is doing?

A giveaway.

He’s giving away $4,000 software tools for free to 5 lucky people, but also, everybody who enters in the giveaway will receive a gift.

That gift is a free license to Pick, Sujan Patel’s scheduling tool.

Besides this amazing gift, Liston will share amazing, valuable stuff, so I recommend you listen to his show.

Last Words And Key Takeaways

During one of the mastermind events I attended in Los Angeles, I listened to Matt Manero, author of You Need More Money. In this book, Matt talks about how he took his business from 6 to 9 figures in just 18 months all while focusing on his core values and his company values.

That book really opened my eyes to a lot of new things, and I think it’s a great read.

Check it out!

One last thing. If you enjoyed this podcast, please press the subscribe button.

You’re incredible, everybody.

See you next Tuesday.


Use Facebook to Generate More B2B Social Sales

What’s up, everybody?

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Social Media Growth Show. Today, I’ll talk about Facebook and the ways you can use Facebook to generate more B2B Social Sales.

Before we start to listen to episodes two and three of the Social Media Growth Show if you haven’t already. They’re full of incredible tips and mix really well with today’s topic. Make sure you check them out.

Now that you know the show’s awesome value let’s dive straight into this.

Facebook is a platform that has over 2 billion active users. I’ll let those numbers sink in for a minute. And just Before recording the show, I read a statistic that said that, on average, every person spends 35 minutes of their day on Facebook.

That’s a long time, right? And it’s one of the reasons you should use Facebook to generate more B2B social sales.

What’s Today’s Episode All About

  1. Facebook is More than a Social Network
  2. Start By Optimising Your Profile
  3. Join and Engage in a Facebook Group
  4. Create your Own Group
  5. Bonus Giveaway

Facebook is More Than a Social Selling Tool

When I talk to people about Facebook from a B2B perspective, I’ve noticed the platform is still seen as a bit of a grey area. Most people see Facebook as their most personal network where they only let family and close friends in. It’s usually the place where you’ll find most peoples dog pictures and other embarrassing stuff. I totally get it, that’s how I used to see Facebook. I’d never think about using it for business purposes.

But that changed about six months ago. It was a mindset change that didn’t happen until recently,  and I’ve had some huge changes in my life as a result of refocusing my Facebook efforts. For instance, I’ve traveled, I’ve met amazing people, and generated thousands of dollars in revenue.

Facebook has so many users. So many people to target, to talk to, to learn from. And, I don’t know about you, but I’m much more receptive to talking to people on Facebook than I am when I get a cold email or a LinkedIn message.

I’ve even closed some deals at Leadfeeder as a result of Facebook.

In fact, this show is a result of all the things I’ve learned on Facebook.

Start By Optimising Your Profile 

This is the first thing I did when I started to use Facebook as a B2B selling tool. In fact, you need to start thinking of your profile as your personal landing page.

Make this quick assessment:

If someone clicked through your Facebook page, what are they going to be greeted with?

You want your page to explain who you are, what you do, and how to find you in the quickest way possible.

Let’s do this assessment on my Facebook profile.

My header photo is an authoritative picture where I’m speaking to an audience in a keen, engaged way. My profile picture is the same as my other social media channels, which I do to maintain visibility and brand recognition among my channels.

In Facebook, what most people see is your header, your profile picture, and your short description. My description talks about my job, what can I do for my clients, and ends with a call to action that leads you to my Facebook group.

And since nowadays we all stalk people on Facebook, this approach gives your potential prospects a quick, positive look of you that will eventually land you more B2B sales on Facebook.

Join and Engage in a Facebook Group

In my case, this is where I’m crushing it. Facebook groups are where I find the most engagement, meet the most people, and share the most content.

So, The key here is to join groups where your target buyers are hanging out.

For instance, in the case of Leadfeeder, we help sales and marketing managers. To find more prospects, I decided to join as many Facebook groups as I could where I would find this target demographic hanging out. I joined all the groups I could so I could do some research about what my target buyers are interested in.

Now, you not only have to watch passively, but you also have to engage. Don’t be salesy, don’t pitch your product.

You have to comment on people’s posts, share some knowledge, and be active there. Make sure you bring value to the group and answer to your prospect’s questions.

Why should you do this?

Well, first off because it’s a great way to build your personal brand and because other people are in groups too and as soon as you are in the same place, sharing value, they’re more prone to trust you.

Also, if you’re sharing value more people will be clicking on your face and learning about you, which translates into sweet, free traffic from people who are looking for what you’re offering.

Create your Own Group

If you like to take risks and go the extra mile, create your own Facebook group.

I’m not going to lie to you; it’s not easy, and it takes time. I’ve grown my group from 0 members to around 1000 in five months, but it requires consistency and sharing value.

The benefit of this tip is that it helps you build your personal brand and establish yourself as an authority. For me, it’s been in social media and social sales. It also increases your reach and helps you ultimately generate more sales.

Remember, when you create your group it can’t be salesy. It has to have personality and needs to be focused on providing value for your end user.

Let me warn you. You will be hearing the term “providing value” a lot from me.

When I created my group, I did it with an audience in mind. I wanted to reach entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, founders because they were those I wanted to sell either my services or Leadfeeder’s too, or maybe just help them in any way I can.

That’s why I share tips based on that audience, which in my case translates to how to generate more B2B social sales using social media.

And trust me, creating a group has its benefits. Just be patient and build your presence one stone at the time.

Bonus Giveaway to Take you To the Next Level

Like I told you, I’m here to provide value; that’s why I have this bonus content for you. It’s two Chrome extensions. They’re not mine and were in fact recommended from other people, but I think they’re incredible.

The first one is Facebook Search and helps you to search for people using multiple search terms so you can refine your searches.

The second one was given shown to me by Josh Fetcher from Bamf Media. It’s a tool called Facebook Autoconnecter . This is a gamechanger, but it could be a little bit against Facebook’s terms so be careful with this one. Autoconnecter allows you to add a CSV file with names and your Facebook will send all these people automatic friend requests.

Trust me. They’re game-changing.  

Key Points of Today’s Episode

  • Facebook is a great platform, and its B2B  social sales capabilities are only getting better
  • Facebook gives you easy access to tons of amazing new people
  • Focus on providing value to your followers and customers
  • Don’t be afraid of showing your personality. Nobody wants canned profiles
  • Your Facebook page is your personal landing page. Use it to attract prospects

Thank you for being here today, everybody. I hope you enjoy the podcast and the plugins I recommended. 

If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback, shoot. I’ll gladly read them.