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Is LinkedIn Video Dead? + A Quick Update On My Life

Hello, hello!

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Social Media Growth Show. If you’re new to the show, thank you for being here today. I suggest you go through all of my episodes, or at least a couple, so you get an idea of what’s been going on in the social media space and my life.

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Now, if you’re part of my hardcore listeners, you’re the best. You’re one of the reasons I keep doing this week after week, even though I didn’t publish an episode last week, but don’t worry, I have a solid excuse.

In case you didn’t know already, I moved to Tallinn, in Estonia. Before, I traveled a lot when I worked at Leadfeeder, a SaaS business, and then after setting my own business four months ago.

I can’t believe it’s been four months already!

However, after living the digital nomad life, it’s time to settle down for a bit and find a place I can call home.

Let’s get started, everybody. I have a lot of cool things to tell you!

What’s ThIs Episode All About

  • What Have I Been Doing And Why I Haven’t Recorded An Interview
  • Is LinkedIn Video Dead?
  • Why You Should Build An Omnichannel Presence

What Have I Been Doing And Why I Haven’t Recorded An Interview

First, I moved to Tallinn to start my digital agency.

But why Tallinn, Dylan?

Well, Celia and I wanted to go somewhere that’s beautiful, somewhere with a great tech scene, and somewhere where we could have a really nice apartment just to get focused and work.

To us, Tallinn ticks all these boxes.

Also, to tell you the truth, over the last few months my focus has been a bit weak, and I’m just ready to get back on track.

So, everyone’s who’s on Tallinn or in Sweden or Finland, feel free to swing by! We have space here, and I’m more than happy for people to come and spend time here.

However, you know how it’s like when you’re moving into a new place. There’s a lot to be done and little time to do it, especially if you’re running your own business like me.

I’m sure a lot of you have had that feeling, too.

The thing is that I haven’t had the time to record an interview or an in-depth episode, so this one is just for me to say “Hey, we’re here.”

You know what it’s like when you move into a new place. There’s a lot that needs to be done, so imagine moving into a new place and running your own business. I’m sure a lot of you have had that feeling too. There are about a million and one things I need to be doing right now, and unfortunately, I haven’t had time to record an interview or an in-depth episode of the podcast, so this one this week is just for me to say, Hey, we’re here, and I haven’t forgotten about you.

But don’t worry, there are tons of interviews coming.

However, there’s something I do want to talk about on this episode.

Let’s talk about LinkedIn Video.

Is LinkedIn Video Dead?

You know I LOVE LinkedIn and LinkedIn video. Over the last six to twelve months, everyone has been pushing LinkedIn video, and some of my own vids have gone viral, especially the one about me quitting my job.

In fact, that single announcement got me my first clients, so, yes, LinkedIn and LinkedIn videos are awesome.

But, over the last couple of weeks, I and some content creators have started to see some slight problems.

You see, in the past, when one of my friends or I published a video, we saw HUGE reach. Kind of like what happened with LinkedIn short text updates before video updates.

The thing here is that my videos usually get 10,000 views minimum and maybe 100, 200 comments and a similar number of likes. I’m not one of those people who see likes and comments as a form of success; on the contrary, I’m more interested in what happens as a result of those likes.

However, when I came back and posted a LinkedIn video, I only got 3,500 views, but with the same number of engagements and comments.

This got me thinking. “What’s happening, should I be worried about this?”

Luckily for me, my good friend and client, Liston Witherill, who also has a great podcast show called The Liston.io Show, did some huge, in-depth research into this.

linkedin video liston witherill

Liston’s findings are on his Facebook group, Consulting Power Up.

Long story short: Things are changing with the LinkedIn algorithm and comments are getting more important than likes.

But, this also bodes a question: “Should you stick to one platform?” The simplest answer here is a simple no.

Why You Should Build An Omnichannel Presence

I’ve been super strategic about my content. I’ve always made sure I’m omnipresent and placing my content across multiple channels. For instance, you see me on Facebook; you see my Facebook group, my Instagram, and LinkedIn. But, over the last couple of years, I’ve been really pushing LinkedIn because it’s given me the best results.

Is that about to change? Who knows. I guess we’re all about to find out.

Why I believe is that video is the future and we should continue creating video content.

Now, what I believe is that since everybody’s doing video these days, LinkedIn might be adjusting their algorithms to fit these changes.

That’s why we shouldn’t rely only on one platform. And remember: no matter what you do, make sure you’re creating value. Don’t post only to say you’re there. Make sure your content is valuable.

If you’re a business owner and you’re not sure where to distribute your content or what to do that, I would encourage you to just test with plenty of different platforms.

Don’t just focus on one; and again, if you need any help, just reach out to me directly. I can give you some advice.

Last Words And Key Takeaways

  • I set my home base in Tallinn, Estonia
  • LinkedIn video is not dead, but it’s probably going to change a little
  • Video content is the future
  • Don’t focus only on one platform, try to build your omnipresence across different  channels

Once again, thank you for listening to this episode.

I know it’s short and it’s a bit different, but thanks for following the journey and I really do appreciate it, and if you enjoy this podcast, it would mean the world to me for you to subscribe in iTunes


How to Sell More Effectively with Liston Witherill

I’m really excited about this episode because today we have sales and marketing pro, business coach, and good friend of mine, Liston Witherill on the show.

Liston and I have known each other for a couple of months now. It all started when I was invited to be a guest on one of the episodes of his podcast.

Now the tables have turned, and I brought him to today’s episode of The Social Media Growth Show.

Liston owns a freelance coaching business where his main goal is to help freelancers and consultants sell with confidence. This often turns into talking about their direction and the reasons why they might not be achieving their goals. He’s is really keen on coaching and teaching people on how to sell more effectively.

Liston studied Environmental Science and focused on environmental consulting after university, since then he has run multiple successful businesses. Maybe more surprisingly,  we discover in this interview that he’s also a rapper. You can check his tunes here.

When it comes to his work, Liston’s perspective is quite different to the rest as he’s more interested in the psychological aspect of sales, human cognition, and how people make decisions.

When I asked him about what made him want to become an entrepreneur and run his own business, he said:

“That’s a good question; that’s, like, a question my therapist would ask me.”

What’s Today’s Episode All About

  1. Liston’s Short Bio
  2. Liston’s 8 Keys on How to Sell More Effectively

Liston’s Short Bio

Right after finishing grad school, Liston got a job as a Marketing and Business Development Director in a company with about 80 employees where he was responsible for the company’s marketing and sales efforts.

Liston was in charge of his companies digital marketing efforts and while doing that he discovered that something as simple as an email can totally change a company.

In his words:

“I said, we have 5,000 people on our website; what would happen if we just send them an email?”

It turns out the company’s president wasn’t really excited and didn’t share his mindset. On the contrary, he felt that nobody would want to hear from their company and they were actually lucky they got work from people.

But Liston did it and soon after, from that single email came a $50,000 project they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

It wasn’t really the content, he says. What worked was that they reminded their customers they were around and could solve their problems.

And that was the beginning of everything. From that moment on, Liston dug deeper and found out he could use everything he’d learned about digital marketing, social media, and sales to sell more effectively.

Liston’s 8 Keys on How to Sell More Effectively

Liston comes from an entrepreneurial household and to him, his upbringing gave him the mindset he needed to become an entrepreneur himself.  He started freelancing while keeping his day job and soon after, his consulting business overtook the earnings from his day job.

Don’t Take a No for An Answer

Liston says that it was his parents who gave him his willingness to become an entrepreneur. They have run around 8 businesses in their lives, and 6 of them were failures while 2 worked pretty well, which is a nice rate of success when you think of it. The key here is that they never took no for an answer. Make sure you know what you want and let others know, and that will make you sell more effectively.

Learn Who You Are

Also by looking at his family, Liston realized that having his own business would give him control over his own destiny. He could now do something for himself and by himself, which was a part of what made him make the leap. Also, when you start your own business, you really learn who you are, what you can do, and the best way to do it. Besides, it’s really rewarding to understand yourself better and can bring you tons of benefits.

Serve Your Clients

Liston’s biggest achievement has been turning clients into subscribers rather than just one-off or occasional projects. To him, the goal of a salesperson isn’t to sell but to serve. If you can’t serve your customers you have nothing. If you change your clients into subscribers and promoters you’re doing something right. And that feels awesome.

Get Networking

Liston is currently doing what he calls “a LinkedIn experiment.His experiment consists of having tons of conversations with people and sharing loads of valuable content. By talking to not only clients but also with other people like him, he finds out how he can help others and tailor his services.

Beware the 80-20 Rule

One of Liston’s stories led us to talk about a person he was talking with. This guy said to him something like: “I don’t know if I can continue in my own business because I lost two big clients and all of the receivables that they had pending.”

To Liston, this is a problem because most of the time 80% of our revenue comes from 20% of our customers and this happens to lots of companies, regardless of their size. The issue with this is that your business is at the risk of other business.

To illustrate this he shares a story. He says “I sold a big, nearly 5-figure monthly subscription to them and what happened was that they weren’t clear about their goals and it turned out there was nothing we could do to make them happy.”

They dedicated 40% of their bandwidth to the client, and after they lost it, it really hurt the business because after dedicating so much time to one client they had no time to market themselves.

The bottom line is that we need to beware the dollars’ siren songs because, eventually, that client is going to go away.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

The sooner you can find people with whom you can share your goals, the better. Because as individuals, we’re not good at giving ourselves advice or holding ourselves accountable. And that’s, Liston believes, the role of the coach, which is a person that will help you learn, grow, and improve.

Be Clear About Your Goals

In sales, we’re used to asking our leads about their intentions. But when you’re selling, you should ask yourself about your intentions. Are you selling to make a quota or because you really want to benefit this person? That’s a different approach, and it really feels different, helping you sell more effectively because you’re actually helping your clients. To Liston, and his brand, it’s all about honesty.

Limit Your Distractions and Plan Your Day

Liston’s routine involves waking up at five, going to the gym for an hour, getting back home and powering through his inbox —Liston is an inbox zero guy— so he can start writing as soon as possible to limit his distractions.

All before 10 AM.

By doing his routine, Liston effectively achieves more than most people would in a day. And it’s all a matter of discipline, which has a multiplying effect because it boosts your day and you get more done and sell more effectively.

Also, another thing about Liston is that he doesn’t switch tasks. Task switching kills, guys, and it’s such a terrible thing to happen while you’re working because it limits your productivity.

Key Points of Today’s Episode

  • Make sure you know what you want and how you’re going to get it.
  • Know yourself and what you can do
  • Turn your clients into subscribers
  • Share your goals with like-minded people
  • Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket
  • Don’t let distractions run your day

That’s it for today, guys.

If you ever want to get in touch with Liston, go to www.liston.io. You’ll find tons of free content for you to check and learn how to sell more effectively. And if you want to get some of that sweet coaching from Liston, head over to the Work With Me section of his website to get the ball rolling.

Now, if you liked this episode, you’ll absolutely love the next one. I interview the founders of Quuu, one of the best content suggestion tools out there and I can’t wait to show

Stay tuned and see you next episode!

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