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July 17, 2018

Hello, everybody and welcome to this week’s edition of The Social Media Growth Show.

If you’re new around the block, this is the show where we share the latest tips, tricks, news, and growth hacks within the social media and marketing world so you can learn and get ahead of your competition.

As well as that, we also have amazing interviews with some of the world’s leading founders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders on this show.

Actually, a couple of weeks ago, we had an amazing interview with Jonathan Grzybowski, the founder of Penji, an on-demand graphic design platform that you should totally check out.

Penji managed to find its first 200 customers as a result of social media campaigns they were running, and Jonathan shared all his secrets with us.

Read it here:

How Penji Got 200 Customer In Less Than 6 Months Using Social Media

Last week, I shared some of the latest news within the social media space, specifically about the new Facebook Ad Transparency Tool and Instagram TV.

Take a look:

This Week On Social Media: Facebook Ad Transparency Tool & Instagram TV

Now, let me reel you back in.

Today’s episode is going to be me and you. You and me.

But… this week’s going to be different from the rest.

To be honest, I had an interview prepared for this week, but I’m in Canada right now, staying at Celia’s family cottage that’s in the middle of nowhere, and even though we installed a Wi-Fi connection, it’s not strong enough to do interviews with people.

Take a look at the amazing place where I am at:


That’s why I wanted to step away from social media growth, interviews, and social media stories.

You might think I’m crazy. After all, this show is called The Social Media Growth Show for a reason, right?

But, please bear with me for a while, and I’ll show you where I’m heading.

This week, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll talk about my entrepreneurial journey building my own company.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What’s This Episode All About

  • How My Entrepreneurial Journey Started
  • What’s Important When You Build A Business
  • The Importance Of Setting Up Things Right From The Beginning
  • Make Sure Your Values Are Aligned

How My Entrepreneurial Journey Started

I’ve you’ve listened to my show before, you might know that I only started this journey two months ago when I left my job at LeadFeeder where I worked for a year.

I recorded an episode when that happened, and if you want to know all the details, please listen to it:

Why I Quit My Well Paying Job At One Of Europe’s Most Exciting SaaS Companies

Since then, I’ve been in through the process of building my own agency, Hey Digital.

Here’s a sneak peek at the logo. Please tell me what you think in the comments, I want to hear your ideas and suggestions!

I’m just starting out, and it’s been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done, but one of the things I’ve realized about this journey is that it’s full of questions. Especially one:

“What is important when you build a business?”

There are many answers to that question, but I’ve realized that, to me, there’s much more to life than just money.

What’s Important When You Build A Business

Everyone always leads with revenue goals, and that’s always at the front of their minds, and, don’t get me wrong, revenue is important for me, but money is not the most important thing.

To illustrate my point, let me share a story with you all.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles attending a mastermind event in Beverly Hills. It was a thing of dreams.

You probably don’t know this, but when I was a kid, my family didn’t have much money. No one in my family is an entrepreneur or a business owner and being able to spend time in a mansion in Beverly Hills with some of the most incredible business owners and entrepreneurs was one of those “pinch yourself” moments.


And the coolest part wasn’t that I was learning and listening to amazing people but that these individuals were open to listening to me.

Other than that amazing experience, another key point I took from them was the importance of having solid core values.  

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t something I had thought enough about before.

But I think it’s something super important to a business.

When you work for a company, and they share their core values with you, you know that nobody actually cares about them. Not even the managers.

That made me reflect, read, and think about what’s really important for me and my business.

And the reason behind this is that yesterday –if you’re listening to this on Tuesday– the first full-time employee of Hey Digital started.

This is crazy, everybody.

Two months ago, I was working for somebody else, and now I hired a person to help me.

I did this because I really want to impact people. I want to actually change things around, and I really want to help people.

For example, over the last year and a half, I’ve been hiring freelancers and contractors to build my personal brand, and I love to help them. I love the feeling I get when they come back to me.

I’ll talk about Diego, the guy that’s been my content writer for the last 4-5 months. He came to me the other day and told me that some of the stuff I’ve been teaching and talking about had really helped him.

The best part of this is that I’ve been seeing him improve and even land new clients as a result of the stuff we’ve talked about.

That feeling inside is, like, magical for me when I know that I’ve impacted someone’s lives.

Now, let’s get back on track before I get too emotional.

The Importance Of Setting Up Things Right From The Beginning

I hired my first employee on Monday, and by talking to him, I realized the importance of onboarding and making sure every little detail is set up correctly. From technical things like his contract and his Slack to making sure he’s in sync with my core values.

But, more importantly, making sure he’s comfortable having these kind of open conversations.

Also, answering his questions about what the vision is for the business and how we can help each other, and that’s something I struggled with in the past because I haven’t actually done this before.

And it’s exciting, but it also scares the shit out of me.

Without a leader, there’s no way for a business to succeed.

Also, being this “leader” is something that has made me think a lot. I now have others that rely on me; employees that depend on me. I have to pull through because it’s not only me anymore.

That made me realise that entrepreneurship is not for everybody. It’s not as exciting and as fancy as many people think.

In fact, it’s a fucking grind.

The point is that I get scared; like, really scared. Really lonely.

I’m not sure about how to do some of this stuff. Onboarding someone is totally new to me, but I know that this grind is worth it because the benefits are just incredible.

I wanted to share this with you today, and I know it’s been different from the other episodes, but I wanted to share my journey with you.

This leads me to the next point in this episode.

Make Sure Your Values Are Aligned

This is one of the most important things I’ve learned so far.

For instance, if your clients aren’t aligned with your values, get rid of them. Don’t work with them; it’s only going to cause problems.

If your staff doesn’t align with your values, you need to talk with them.

Sit down and talk about these things. Be as open as possible and build trust with your team because that’s super important.

I’ve worked for some people that didn’t care about the small things that I did care about, and I don’t want to be that person.

I want to be the best leader that I can be. That’s why I need you guys. If you know ways for me to improve, please help me out. Please send me a message on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram and lend me a hand.

Message me anytime; I want to be there for you.  

If you need some help, please let me know, connect with me wherever you want and let me help you. I want to learn from you and with you.

Thank you for being here and reading this to the end. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe on iTunes, tell a friend about it, and leave me a review.

You’re the best.

See you next episode!

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