Why I Quit My Well Paying Job At One Of Europe’s Most Exciting SaaS Companies – That’s Right. I’m Setting Up My Own Business

May 15, 2018

You’re right, it’s me, your wonderful host. I quit my job.

If you follow my Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, you probably knew already. But if you haven’t, you’d better do it because I share SOLID tips and tricks on a daily basis on all of those platforms.

Now let’s jump right into it.

What's This Episode All About

  • Why Did I Quit?
  • How I stepped out of My Comfort Zone
  • If I Don't Do It Now, Then When?
  • What's Next For Me

Why Did I Quit?

I had been mulling over this decision and wanted to tell everybody, but I wanted it to be official before I shared it.

Believe me, it was hard not to tell you all but I believe decisions like this need to be done the right way.

You might be wondering why.

If you didn’t know I had been working for Leadfeeder, an amazing SaaS tool for the last year and a bit. The company is growing extremely fast and working on many exciting projects but for me, it just wasn’t enough.

That’s why about a month ago, I decided to quit.  

And here’s the reason why:

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. I’ve always had this entrepreneurial streak in me and having my own business was something I had wanted to do for years.

That is the easy part.

But here’s the interesting thing.

I Stepped Out of The Comfort Zone

Things at Leadfeeder got to a point where it was comfortable. From the outside, I had a dream job. I was able to travel around Europe, work remotely, earn a good salary, and had many other great perks.

Then why on earth would I leave?

The main reason is that I simply wasn’t feeling challenged enough. I always need to feel that I’m evolving, learning, improving, and pushing myself.

As weird as it sounds, I want to be a little bit scared.

You know, like, when you wake up in the morning and feel not just excited but also a little nervous.

Something like that.

I feel like I thrive under pressure. That’s when the best of me really comes out. I have to step away from my comfort zone and seek discomfort to grow.

And, to be honest…

If I Don’t Do It Know, Then When?

Think about this for a moment. 

I have had the idea of setting up my own business for a while now, but I wasn’t sure if was ready yet.

However, what really made up my mind was this simple truth.

If I don’t make this decision now, would I ever make it? Would I ever take the leap?

Probably not.

I know some of you listening to this podcast have your own business and understand this inner struggle, but some of you are also working for someone and probably want to run your own thing.

Let me tell you something:

The only thing that’s stopping you is you.

I had this moment and realized that now is the best moment for me to do this.

You might be wondering “What’s Dylan up to now?”

What’s Next For Me?

I’m setting up my own digital agency.

Mhm. I’m building my own business.

Luckily, I was prepared for this moment and have something already up and running.

More on that is going to come over the next few weeks so please, connect with me on my social media channels. That way you'll get the news as soon as it's fresh off the press.

I’ll let you know what I’m going to do, how my agency’s going to be, and all those fantastic things I could do for you.

I just wanted to let you all know because you have been so supportive of me since I launched this podcast a few months ago.

I literally had to share the news with you.

Now, if you feel like you need some help or you can make some intros for me, you can reach me at Dylan@dylanhey.com.

I know this podcast was more an announcement than an episode but bear with me at this time because this is all super fresh and exciting.

I’ll be back in your eardrums with another interview next week so you don’t feel lonely.

And since we’ve been getting more listeners, this is a message for all the new people out there.

Go back and listen to the previous episodes; they have that value you were looking for but couldn’t find elsewhere. You’ll find interviews with marketers, founders, social media entrepreneurs.

For the old subscribers. You’re the best, and this wouldn’t be possible without you.   

Don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you next week for another episode!

Key Takeaways

  • I quit my job and will be setting up my digital agency (Woohoo!)

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