Learn Social Quickly And Get Ahead Of The Curve

Social media is constantly changing, one blog you read today is old news next month and suddenly previous tools and strategies become outdated – which is expected but also frustrating when you just want to have an actionable plan.

So I have two opportunities for you (and/or your team);

Power Hour

I offer an hour of power (insert dramatic music here) where we both spend an entire hour on the phone or skype to get your head straight and give you immediate actionable advice for you and your social strategy.

This hour is all about YOU and I like to work based on what you need.


Public speaking

After turning down several opportunities I now feel comfortable and ready with public speaking that I can deliver the very best possible seminar to any demographic (as long as it’s social oriented of course!).

I am only going to be doing a limited number of these this year as I have other areas of my career that I’m prioritising this year.

Cost is dependent on the event, audience size, content and purpose of the event.

Please get In contact with me to enquire about my availability and we can have a chat!

Let me take you from busy person to a social whizz.

What I specialise in is quick action, effective strategy and relevant advice for maximum results. There’s obviously a lot of information available for free on the internet but is any of it relevant to you right now, where you/your business is at this present moment?

Case Study

If you simply Google “how to get more leads with LinkedIn” you get 86,700,000 answers.

But LinkedIn changes it’s algorithm more than David Beckham changes his haircut so we need to stay ahead of the curve. I was using LinkedIn sparingly and getting minimal interaction a while back.

But after all my experiences, understanding social trends and putting it all together I am now consistently getting over 30,000 views on my organic posts (yep that’s right – free traffic!) almost daily…definitely weekly.

My skill set isn’t just for LinkedIn, but Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other channel which is ‘social’.