Paid Acquisiton

Facebook and Google’s various advertising solutions offer the opportunity to reach current and potential customers at every stage of their journey from awareness right through to purchase. An optimized advertising strategy is one of the most powerful drivers of revenue growth for any business.

We help businesses build, manage and optimise a paid acquisition funnel that will consistently bring you new customers every single month.

Dylan Hey speaking

Content Distribution

Many businesses create great content but either don’t know how to get this content infront of their target market or don’t know how to use it to generate sales. With a well thought out and reverse engineered strategy, we help determine what social media channels your brand should be using along with ways to increase audience engagement and awareness.

B2B Outbound Lead Generation

Having worked in a number of outbound sales roles over my career I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t when it comes to outbound messaging. I truly believe this is still one of the most effective ways to generate meetings and sales for your business.

Utilising my knowledge, we build out a messaging funnel for you and your sales team that will generate opportunities on autopilot.

Dylan Hey B2B


If you already have a skilled team that can deliver but you need some guidance and advice from someone who has his finger on the pulse with the latest marketing trends I’d love to have a conversation with you. Consulting is something that I really enjoy and have already had some great success with.

Public speaking

Over the last 12 months sharing my story and providing a tonne of value to an audience has been something that I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve spoken in multiple different countries and always had great feedback.

Cost is dependent on the event, audience size, content and purpose of the event.

Please get in contact with me to enquire about my availability.